Satellite Classes


Interested in Aikido training in your home town?

Aikido of Fresno is very interested in spreading the art of Aikido throughout the Central Valley. In an effort to help spread the teachings of Aikido to the greater Central Valley, Aikido of Fresno offers  satellite Aikido classes. To start a satellite class, you create a group in your area, no smaller then five, who are interested in training in Aikido. Find a place where you can consistently train, this could be a youth center, public park, or a group members garage or back yard. Contact our Dojo, and we can discuss setting up a regular training schedule and sending an instructor out to help your group learn Aikido. The instructor may come between one and four times a month, depending on the needs of the group. The instructor will give the students new material to work on, correct mistakes and test the students as they become ready to rank in the art of Aikido. When the instructor is not there, the group should still hold regular classes, and work on the material that the teacher leaves each visit. These classes are offered at a very reasonable price. The instructor will charge $0.40 a mile, round trip for travel expenses ( cost divided by the group), and charge a fee of $10 per student (groups no smaller than five) per trip. This makes offering Aikido in your area very reasonable, and offers your community an opportunity it otherwise may not have. If you are interested in the program, feel free to contact the Dojo at: